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Nature's Natural Collective Care Reseda Cannabis Club Reviews

If you have visited this club, please write a Reseda Cannabis Club Review.

Reseda Medical Marijuana Patient Reviews

Posted June 16, 2009


120, 80+ strains? I went here yesterday and there were only 7 strains. 4 outdoor, 2 indoor, 1 ghouse. There are no free samples on the high grade anymore. I asked for a receipt and the owner got really violent w me, I told him it was cool and I didn't need it. The staff got rude. The cool people don't work there anymore. This club has. They did give me free coupons to a club down the street. I finally found a great dispensary you guys should check if in Reseda damn.

Reviewed By: Brian M
Canoga park, California

Posted April 12, 2009


I dont know what all the hype is about this dispensary. There's soooo much outdoor priced at $55...wtf? Outdoor should'nt be more than $40 an 1/8. Once you get past the hype of this place and find the real deal dispensary elsewhere in Reseda you'll never get burned by this place again! This place never has high end meds. This owner must be making a huge profit off us poor patients!

Reviewed By: Daryl C
Palmdale, California

Posted February 12, 2009


The some of these reviews are ridiculous, this club is the best. They have over 60 strains at times all capped at $50 an 1/8th and no more than $400 an oz on the highest quality. With ounces ranging from like $180-$400. They even let you have free samples, this is hands down the best club in california. I drive 2 hours each way just to go here. They have a private membership due to all the patients that love this place, it definitely is one big family. Seriously, check this place out, you wont be disappointed.

Reviewed By: Matt B
Oceanside, California

Posted February 5, 2009


This club is the best of the best. I don't think anything beats Nature's Natural Collective Care!

Reviewed By: Thanya V
Canoga Park, California

Posted December 11, 2008


A ton of strains! Took a vape from a guy in there who was a cool dude! Strains are decent, but overpriced. Quality to price ratio is low. This club needs to get quality meds (not just a lot of overpriced outdoor) to serve its patients.

Reviewed By: Brenda P
Northridge, California

Posted October 25, 2008


Don't believe the hype here, all mid range meds over priced. I waited 5 hours to get in on 4/20 only to get $5 off an eighth!

Reviewed By: Danny S
Tarzana, California

Posted August 28, 2008


When I first started to go to this club they had about 10 outdoor strains for around $60-65, 3 or 4 indoor strains to $90 an 1/8. The meds now are mostly mid grades with only a few good strains. I started going to another place down the street and never looked back. I still go in about once a month to talk to owner, he's cool, but their strains are lagging, mostly 9 month old outdoor with a few indoors. I notice alot of burned o.g. last time in....

Reviewed By: Kaya C
Tarzana, California

Posted August 15, 2008


This place is like one big family. They have a private membership that opens to new patients on the 15th of every month. They have over 60 strains, all prices cap at $55, great quality. They even recently added a custom glass blower in the back. My personal favorite club!

They even let you sample the products and have their own smoking room. Everyone working thre is some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Best club I've ever been to by far. I drive up 2 hours just to get meds from this place.

Reviewed By: Matt B
Oceanside, California

Posted July 2, 2008


What can you say, this place is the best!

Reviewed By: Warren T
Tujunga, California

Posted June 21, 2008


This is one of the best clubs i have ever beedn to. They have a wide variety of smokeables, edibles. clones, and concentrates. The vapo room is very nice. I mean come on -- everybody likes to try things befor they buy them. I would definatly recomend this club to everyone. if your not in the area, it is worth the drive!

Reviewed By: Sean V
Woodland Hills, California

Posted May 15, 2008


Over 120 kinds of beautifully manicured buds. Great prices and a great range of strengths. There staff was really knowledgable and they had a chill room for samples. Freebies for first timers. I love this place, there is no need to go anywhere else.

Reviewed By: Brooke N
Malibu, California

Posted April 24, 2008


NNCC is by far one of the most popular clubs in the county. $55 cap. A nice vapo-lounge. You can try before you buy. 80 or so strains.

Reviewed By: Dru Z
Los Angeles, California

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